Danette Shepard Onofrio


Danette Shepard Onofrio is founder and CEO of D.R. Shepard Consulting and Services, LLC (DRSCS), a full-service consulting firm for public entities in New York and Connecticut.  Since 2006, DRSCS has benefited agencies, government, schools and people in the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Misouri, Georgia and Haiti.

Danette Onofrio has a Masters of Public Administration from Marist College and is a candidate for a Doctorate of Management and Organizational Leadership.  From 2001 to 2012, Ms. Onofrio taught Public Budgeting, Management of Nonprofit Organizations, Program Planning and Evaluation, and other courses at Marist College School of Management.  Her students ranged from aspiring administrators to high-ranking officials from the New York State Police, Orange Regional Medical Center, St. Luke's Cornwall Hospitals, Homeland Security, County Legislators, attorneys, the Governor's Office and others.

During her decades of service to public entities, Ms. Onofrio has worked for or with government, schools, and nonprofit organizations.  She has served as a co-founder, active board member, Board President, and consultant of multiple startup  agencies, mature organizations and school.


D.R. Shepard Consulting and Services, LLC envisions an entities that support leaders to empower organizations and communities to improve health and well-being of people.

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of people, young and old, through individual, organizational and community development.

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